Plumbers Brace for Busy Week

Plumbers Brace for Busy Week

Local plumbers expecting one of the busiest weeks in more than 2 decades.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Winter weather is causing water in pipes to freeze, and those frozen pipes could lead to major problems and plenty of damage for homeowners.

One local plumber believes this week could be one of the busiest in more than 20 years.

"I've been on the phone like six hours straight," said Hayes LeMay, President of Russell and LeMay Plumbing and Heating.

LeMay said many of those calls are coming from customers with frozen pipes, but not a lot can be done for those customers, so it becomes a waiting came.

"From what I'm seeing with the weather, I believe it will hit Wednesday," LeMay said. "I believe that's when we will start thawing, when that happens I think we will have people with ceiling washing out, I hope not, but I know it will happen."

"It's frustrating for the homeowner especially. And it's frustrating for us because we don't like our customers to not get what they need, and have done. It's frustrating for us to just sit there and wait."

LeMay said the busiest week in his career was the winter of 1978.

Russell and LeMay Plumbing and Heating also gave an easy tip for homeowners' heating unit, a technician said to make sure the air filters are clean or new. 

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