Possible Ban in Morrilton on Secondary Truck Braking System

City will discuss issue on Monday.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- The Morrilton mayor says the city is having a loud problem.

He says it's because truckers are using their engine exhaust braking system excessively.

The mayor says the secondary system is supposed to be used during emergencies, but he says some people are using it just to hear the loud sound.

And some people in Morrilton are tired of the problem.

"If you live next to it, you'll learn to dislike it," resident Garrey Lilley said.

The city council will consider passing a measure banning the use of engine exhaust braking within city limits at the next city council meeting on Monday.

Lilley, who is also a truck driver, understands the importance of the system, but wants people to use it when needed.

"It helps drivers slow down," Lilley said.
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