Raising Money for a New Arkansas Children's House

Raising Money for a New Arkansas Children's House

The facility in Little Rock provides a safe haven for abused children.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - Arkansas Children's Hospital (ACH) is asking for your help to create a safe haven for children of abuse.

As it stands now - when children who have been abused go to ACH they have five stops to make, including:
  • The emergency room
  • Arkansas Children's House
  • Child protective services
  • The family resource center
  • Centers for Children at Risk
The hospital hopes to build a new Arkansas Children's House on its campus where all of the services will be under one roof.

"It takes stress off the family, makes it easier on the child. The child can tell his or her story once instead of three or four different times," explains Jennifer Pyron with ACH.

Pyron says research shows there is a greater chance the family will carry out the treatment plan - continuing care and the child's outlook will be better.

It's a $7.8 million project driven totally by philanthropy. 

So far, $5 million in pledges and commitments have been raised.
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