Report: Student at Lake Hamilton High Reports Sexual Assault by Classmates

Girl told Child Abuse Hotline that she had been sexually assaulted by 3 students at the bus stop, at school and on school field trips.
LAKE HAMILTON, AR -- A 16-year-old Lake Hamilton High School student has reported that she's been sexually assaulted since the beginning of September.

According to, the Garland County Sheriff's Office says the Child Abuse Hotline forwarded a report from the student, who claimed she had been sexually assaulted by two 18-year-old classmates and a 17-year-old student from Sept. 1 of this year through Nov. 18.

"If your children go to school here, they should be safe at school. That's one place they should be safe ," said parent Bryan Campbell.

Parent Lisa Perry says despite what happened, she maintains faith in the district.

"Lake Hamilton is an excellent school. I wouldn't take my daughter out for anything. She's been here since kindergarten. (This) doesn't change my viewpoint of Lake Hamilton schools at all," said Perry.

The report indicates the girl told the hotline that she had been sexually assaulted by the three students at the bus stop, at school and on school field trips.

Statement from Superintendent Steve Anderson:

These allegations are being handled as confidential matter by the school and law enforcement agencies.  Once we were notified of the allegations, we investigated, contacted the students’ parents and reported the allegations and the results of our investigation to the appropriate authorities.  

There has been school discipline involved and as required by law, it was reported to the DHS Hotline after we contacted the Arkansas State Police.  We understand that the allegations are being investigated by the Garland County Sheriff's Office.  As such, no other comments will be made by the school on this ongoing investigation.

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