Searching For A Bone Marrow Match

Searching For A Bone Marrow Match

A bone marrow drive is held at UALR on Saturday.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- More than a hundred people showed up to support two members -- of the Little Rock community -- for a bone marrow drive on Saturday.

9-year-old Teecumpsy Wiggins and 38-year-old Elizabeth Fortune are fighting forms of blood cancer.

Both need a bone marrow transplant.

People went to the University of Arkansas Little Rock campus today and swabbed their cheeks.

The cotton swabs will be tested to see if there's a potential match for Elizabeth or Teecumpsy.

Teecumpsy's mother, Toshua Wiggins-Shelton, said, "It can happen to anyone, it doesn't matter where you are in your life you can be in the prime of your life, going to college have a family and then a doctor tells you, you need a bone marrow transplant."

Every day thousands of patients search for a bone marrow donor match.

Only four out of ten patients are lucky enough to receive a transplant.

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