Sherwood Leaders Want to Break Away from PCSSD, Form Own School District

Sherwood leaders and parents say they would benefit from a community-based school district.

SHERWOOD, AR -- Sherwood community leaders speak their minds about a tentative desegregation agreement within the three school districts within Pulaski County.  Leaders believe they should be able to form their own school district just like a neighboring city.

The Sherwood Public Education Foundation said they aren't against the formation of a Jacksonville School District.

They just believe they should have permission to have one, too.

The desegregation proposal is an agreement between the state and the Little Rock, North Little Rock, and Pulaski County Special School districts.

Sherwood parents said their students would benefit from a smaller, community based district.

"They'll be able to see the schools closer, fund a lot of the activities that we do and it will be better for students and the city for business. Anytime you have a big organization and you have low funds, it's hard to run that," said Sam Carrisquillo, a parent.

According to the foundation, they won't be able to petition for a school district after the Pulaski County Special School District becomes unitary, or when they begin providing equal facilities and amenities at all schools.

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