Special Report Preview: Exploring Grief with Donna Terrell

A 4-part series starting November 18, on FOX16 News at 9.
LITTLE ROCK, AR (Donna Terrell, FOX16 News Anchor) - As some of you may know I am a grieving Mom. My only daughter died nearly three years ago from colon cancer and at times it feels like it was just yesterday. To say I miss her is an understatement!  
But through this grief journey I have learned so much along the way and recently came across a form of grief I never understood. Turns out, not too many other people do either, except those going through it.  

It's called Perinatal Bereavement - which is when a child dies between the time the baby is conceived or up to 28 days after birth. It's hard for me to wrap my head around why so many parents grieve so deeply a child they barely knew. And many of these parents have other children - healthy children - but keep longing for the child that died.   
The journalist side in me sought answers and found them. I hope you will watch my four-part special report on Exploring Grief starting Monday, November 18th. I am fascinated by what I learned from these parents who opened their hearts and shared their personal experiences of dealing with death.     

Please watch the attached video - it explains my motivation for wanting to help people better understand the grieving process. Our mobile app users will find it in the videos section.
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