State Police: Home Security System Recorded Austin Woman's Murder

State Police: Home Security System Recorded Austin Woman's Murder

Arrest affidavit reveals details of Dec. 19 incident at home of Charles and Sharae Bryant.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - New information is being released about the killing of a Lonoke County woman. Her husband is charged with capital murder in the case.

The Dec. 19 incident happened at 30 Watercrest Ln. in Austin at the home of Charles and Sharae Bryant.

Arkansas State Police today released the arrest affidavit (see attached) for Bryant which states that the incident was recorded on a home security system.

The affidavit states that the video showed Bryant stand over his wife and shoot her in the head before walking 10 feet away and shooting himself in the abdomen and then laying down.

Mrs. Bryant's body was found in the driveway next to an SUV in which she had earlier placed the couple's infant daughter. The couple's oldest son was also home at the time.

Before police reviewed the video, Bryant had told them the couple had argued before he took their two youngest sons to school. He had said when he got back home Mrs. Bryant had put their daughter into an SUV before getting a pistol from a nightstand drawer and going outside. He said she had shot him first and he returned fire.

The video told a different story, showing Bryant getting something from his truck in the driveway before going inside the house. Mrs. Bryant was then seen running from the home with her husband chasing behind her. The ASP said the video showed him shooting her as she tried to get into the SUV.

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