Student Refuses To Eat Lunch, Snaps Picture To Prove Point

Student Refuses To Eat Lunch, Snaps Picture To Prove Point

A Dover High student's grandmother tells us she would often scold her student for going all day without eating, until she saw a picture of the food being dished up.

DOVER, AR- Hailey Hawkins said she had a negative reaction when she saw the nachos served at Dover High earlier this week.

Instead of skipping yet another school lunch she uploaded the picture to FOX 16's facebook page.

"Because it was not supposed to be greasy," she said. "And you're not supposed to feed kids grease because it can be pretty bad."

Bad nutrition isn't the only reason she wouldn't eat the meat.

"It hurts my chest," Hawkins said. "I have a soft esophagus and it hurts it."

"Obviously when you look at the picture it looks bad there's no denying that," said Dover School Superintendent Jerry Owens.

He said he got on the phone immediately with the cafeteria supervisor and principal who confirmed it was 100% USDA beef.

They said it was a different recipe that led to the meat being greasier than usual.

"I know our ladies and our cafeteria supervisor," said Owens. "And I know our staff and they care very much about our kids."

Owens said he's proud to know his students care about the food they're putting in their bodies.

"The fact that she cares and recognizes that and brought it to our attention," he said. "We'll try and correct it."

Owens wanted to add this is a small hiccup for their district that was just recently awarded some money for their stellar academics.

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