AHTD Deploy Trucks Throughout Arkansas To Pretreat Major Highways, Bridges

AHTD Deploy Trucks Throughout Arkansas To Pretreat Major Highways, Bridges

The icy and slick roads causing a problem for drivers. AHTD is stepping in once again to help alleviate some of the problems.
LITTLE ROCK, AR- The freezing rain and cold temperatures aren't helping improve road conditions across the state. Now, the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department is working around the clock to pretreat major bridges and highways.

I-30 is now moving along just fine as of Wednesday evening. Normal highway speeds on the wet and icy roads earlier in the day proved to be a nightmare for drivers. It caused several accidents.

"I-30 in Saline County had a couple of bridges and overpasses get a little slick before we were able to get to it, it changed over that fast," said Danny Straessle, AHTD spokesman.

Danny Straessle with the State Highway and Transportation Department said they're doing the best thy can to address problem areas with sand, salt and liquid calcium chloride.

"There's nothing we can do to keep frozen precipitation from forming on the roadway or the bridges and overpasses but at least with pretreating, we can try to get a jump start on that," said Straessle.

We caught up with crews at the AHTD's maintenance yard in Little Rock. They were loading trucks with treatment and ready to hit the roads.

"We anticipate black ice to be a problem. Our crews will be out with the sand, salt and calcium chloride addressing any trouble spots that come up," said Straessle.

Straessle said ice patches are forming over our roads. Throughout Central Arkansas, you can find electronic meter boards cautioning you about the ice.

"Ground water, surface water can freeze across the roadway and cause a slick spot, even when you don't have a winter weather event like we're having right now," says Straessle.

You're encouraged to be vigilant on the roadways, drive safe and give your self extra time to get to your destination.
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