Oaklawn Offers Online Gaming for Horse Racing Spectators

Oaklawn Offers Online Gaming for Horse Racing Spectators

You can now go online to place your bets at the horse races, and wager from anywhere in the state.
HOT SPRINGS, AR- The horses at Oaklawn will be sprinting around the track Friday, rain or shine. However, this year, there's a new way to play.

It's a simple process. You sign up online at oaklawnanywhere.com, place your bets and your wager is complete with a click of a mouse.

"You can bring those things here to the track. We have free WIFI or you can also do it at home. And you can watch and wager on oaklawnanywhere, as long as you're an Arkansas resident," said Jennifer Hoyt, Oaklawn media relationist.
Jennifer Hoyt says the new way of gaming online, makes it more convenient for you to take part in the gaming process and enjoy the horse races, instead of standing in long lines to turn in your tickets.

"You can use your credit card, there's an easy money pay system, in which you transfer money to and from your bank account, or you come to the Oaklawn Anywhere help desk next to the paddock where you can withdraw money and deposit money from the booth," says Hoyt.

Hoyt admits many Arkansans already have online wagering accounts, owned by out of state companies.

"The nice thing about this is when you use Oaklawn Anywhere, the tax dollars stay in Arkansas, and the money generated, the revenue go right back to horsemen racing in Oaklawn in the form of purses," said Hoyt.

But others like Jerry Cox aren't thrilled about the expansion to serve Arkansans online.

"Who thinks that's a good idea? That people would be able to take their credit card and gamble with money they don't have. And yet they are going to be liable to pay it all back. And this is exactly what this allows people to do," said Jerry Cox, AR Family Council.

At Family Council, Cox says he continually hears of gambling addiction cases and the effects it has not only on the gambler, but the family.
"It's someone losing grocery money, someone losing rent money, someone losing money for the kids shoes. And that's what this creates," explains Cox.

However, Oaklawn officials say it's a way to cater to Arkansans looking for a better gaming experience.

"It's very safe, it's very secure. We already know a lot of people using these services," said Hoyt.

The horse races at Oaklawn begin at 1pm Friday.

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