Some Businesses Stay Open During Winter Storm

One restaurant keeping doors open during wintry weather to keep cashing flowing.
LITTLE ROCK, AR- Despite the winter storm and frigid temperatures, it's not stopping some businesses from closing up shop for the long weekend. It was a packed house inside one of the very few businesses open in the wake of the winter storm.

"The whole place is packed. Everyone is running around, just having a good time," said Vince Zekrzewski, Pizza D'Action Manager

Many in Little Rock's Hillcrest area cautiously walked to the restaurant to catch Sunday's game, grab drinks and a bite to eat.

"We've stayed open every day, regular hours from open to close," said Zekrzewski.

Restaurant Manager Vince Zekrzewski says they're always open, no matter the weather, keeping worker busy, customers happy, and cash flowing. That is unless power goes off, but they've been pretty lucky.
"Snow days are really busy around here because it's a neighborhood bar and everyone can walk up, come in and eat hot food and get served good drinks," said Zekrzewski.

While he worries about employee safety, fortunately many live down the street and can walk over to open up for business. And so do many of its customers.

"Being cooped up is hard and so you want to get out and get some fresh air and so it is nice to have places that are close that you can walk to," said Denise White, customer.
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