Stop The Violence Remembers Lives Lost In 2013

Little Rock community members hold vigil and release balloons for 2014
LITTLE ROCK, AR- Community members gathered in Little Rock to remember lives lost last year and praying for peace this 2014.

The non-profit group Stop the Violence, held a vigil on the corner of Daisy Bates and Martin Luther King, where 36 crosses stood.

The group took down the crosses, which represent the number of homicides committed in Little Rock in 2013.

"We're praying today that the number decreases to zero in 2014," said Derosa Mcintosh.

Derosa Mcintosh with Stop the Violence says they put out the crosses throughout the year to pay respects to those killed in an act of violence. It's also a reminder of the tragedies we face in our community.

"It's an intervention to help the community say hey, we must stop this and lessen these crosses that are being put up," said Mcintosh. "We're starting out the new year for 2014 and releasing balloons into the heavens today and praying for peace."

Brother Ernest Franklin, led a peaceful prayer and vigil.

"Maybe people will piggy back, take on and say I want to be a part of whats going on in my community. I want to stand up in my community, I'm tired of my children dying in the community, I'm tired of my children hiding in the community , we ought to be free as we are free at last," said Franklin.

Stop the Violence is setting up a platform for everyone to make a difference, lend a helping hand, and join forces to solve crimes.
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