Teen Charged as Adult in LR Shooting/Robbery

Teen Charged as Adult in LR Shooting/Robbery

Demontae Berry, 16, was the subject of a manhunt Tuesday that locked down two city schools.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - Police have released the name of a juvenile who escaped from a school resource officer earlier this week and triggered a lockdown at two city schools.

Demontae Berry, 16, of Little Rock, turned himself in at police headquarters on Wednesday.

Police have also released more details about the charges filed against the teen in another incident. Berry is charged with attempted capital murder, theft of property, and aggravated robbery in a Nov. 25 incident. The victim, Wieland Beck, 22, of Little Rock, called police from outside a restaurant on Fair Park Blvd. to report he had been robbed and shot. They found him unconscious in his car.

Berry, who was being held by school resource officers at Hall High on Tuesday, got away as police detectives were driving to the campus to talk to him about the November incident.

Before they could get there, Berry was able to move his handcuffs from behind his back to the front of his body, jump down some stairs to get out of the building and then off the campus. He also faces an escape charge from that incident. 

The escape prompted Forest Heights and Hall to go on voluntary lockdown while police searched for Berry.

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