Update: Yell Co. Runaway Girl Found

Update: Yell Co. Runaway Girl Found

After obtaining a search warrant, they were able to find her inside, and she is now on her way back to Yell County.
(Update -- Nov. 5)
YELL COUNTY, AR -- A girl missing from Yell County for two weeks has been found, according to law enforcement officials.

After receiving a tip of Brittany Via's whereabouts, Ola Police Chief John Stafford did a canvas with flyers in Russellville a few blocks surrounding a place where they suspected she might be.

From the flyers, they started receiving phone calls.

When they arrived at the residence where they suspected Brittany was, no one would open the door.

After obtaining a search warrant, they were able to find her inside, and she is now on her way back to Yell County.

Authorities are going to pursue charges against the adult male who they suspect conspired with her.

(Original Story -- Nov. 4)

YELL COUNTY, AR -- Yell County sheriff's detectives are working overtime to bring home a 15-year-old girl.

Brittany Via ran away 15 days ago, and her family worries she is in danger, prompting a Yell County detective to make it his No. 1 priority.

Authorities are now extending their search outside of Yell County, and on Monday night, family packed the small sheriff's office grateful to finally have help.

"I just want her to come home, I want her to be safe," mother Jennifer Via said.

"It's an evil world when you're a 15-year-old girl, and you're desperate, and you can get in a bad situation," Brittany's aunt Melissa Jo Adkins Barnes said.

It's been more than two weeks since they've seen Brittany. They've been searching on their own for days, as relatives say at first no one would help.

"It was just thrown off. It's a runaway girl, she'll show up," Barnes said.

Now, Yell County detective Gary Morrison is dedicated to the case.

"I've got kids, and if I went three or four days, then I'd be miserable three or four hours in wondering where they're at, three or four weeks, how would you feel?" Morrison said.

Relatives are circulating a post online, while Morrison is hitting the streets, staying late and crossing county lines, searching for the teen.

"The process has been frustrating," Morrison said. "We think we get the word out that she is missing, and next thing you know I'm talking to people who didnt know she's missing."

And there is a chance people wouldn't recognize Brittany if they saw her. They've heard shes dyed her brown hair blond and cut it very short.

Working as team, family and detectives are reaching out to other agencies, hoping more awareness will increase their chances she'll return safe.

"The longer you're gone the chances of something bad to happen," Barnes said.

It is believed she is with a 25-year-old man in the Russellville area. Family says it's possible they met online.

Authorities here say this is the toughest runaway case they've had, and they're concerned she may have meant to leave but wouldn't have wanted to stay away this long.

Both Ola Police and Yell County are working this case.

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