Vandalism Reported at NLR Home, Church, Business

Police looking into the matter and collecting statements.
It seems like people that don't care about other people's property.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- People living in one North Little Rock community say a vandal tagged their properties early Friday morning.

Charles King is disappointed with the graffiti on the walls of the building he manages.

"It's getting very serious around here," King said.

King's property is one of several on Pike Avenue, where community members say someone tagged around one in the morning.

47th Street Baptist Church is one of the properties affected, as well.

"It seems like people that don't care about other people's property," King said.

King says police investigated what happened at various spots along the street throughout the day.

As for his problem, he says he'll just get some paint and clean it up.

He admits, though, the sighting is frustrating and now hopes police will catch those responsible.

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