Vandals Graffiti Business, Cars, Conway Police Vehicle

Vandals Graffiti Business, Cars, Conway Police Vehicle

Conway police investigating a series of vandalism in their town. Vandals are spray-painting cars and businesses.
CONWAY, AR -- Vandals strike again. Businesses, car owners, even police, are saying they've been targeted with graffiti.

Conway police said they're investigating whoever is behind the vandalism. The vandals are using brown spray paint, drawing symbols and writing different messages on cars.

"It was just a triangle, I'm not sure if that's all they had time for to put on or if that's what they're plan was," said Ryan Hicks, with Central Arkansas Finance.

Hicks was walking into work Thursday morning when he first noticed a triangle spray painted on the brick wall of Central Arkansas Finance.

"It was a little bothersome, I mean it's only a triangle, it's not the end of the world but at the same time, we don't want this happening again and again," Hicks said.

He used a pot to cover the graffiti up temporarily, walked across the street and spent 50 bucks to buy some paint and a brush.

"We're gonna fix that as soon as we get a clear day to paint," he said. We're gonna paint right over it and take care of it."

Meanwhile on the other side of town, Conway resident Ethan King showed us some of the damage left behind.

"I was getting ready to go to work and I thought it was a joke at first," King said.

His car was parked in front of his house in a quiet Conway neighborhood when vandals tagged it last week. Someone had spray painted the words "Turn Up."

"I was pretty mad because I didn't think it could come off just as easy as it did," King said. "So I'd be driving around town with spray paint all over my car and was not happy."

Neither were two other car owners who woke up to similar damage. Even a police vehicle hit by vandals, who tagged the driver's side doors with a triangle and a dot in the middle, with the letters "FTR" and words "Til I Die."

"It's probably just some crazy kid just running around, and there's probably not that much you can do but just try to protect your vehicles and stuff as much as you can," King said.

According to Conway police, they've been seeing this problem around town for the last week and a half.

Detectives are still searching for the suspects. If you have any information, call police.
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