Voters Support Robinson Center Renovation

There is a 2 percent advertising and promotion tax already in place.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- The votes are in and a makeover is on the way for the Robinson Center.

Supporters at a watch party in Little Rock were excited Tuesday night, many of them have been pushing for renovations at the Robinson Center for years.

They say it's vital to the tourism industry in Little Rock.

The vote is final and almost 75 percent of voters are in support. To be exact, 5,183 votes are for the renovation and 1,800 voted against.

The Robinson Center opened in 1939 and was last renovated in 1972.

A lot of people including city leaders say it's time for a makeover.

The digital rendering in the shows some of the planned upgrades.

The city is hoping to use its restaurant and hotel tax toward the renovating the Robinson Center.

If you live in Little Rock, you're already paying the tax. Supporters say it will add appeal downtown and benefit everyone.

"We see the Robinson as two things, as quality of life for central Arkansas citizens and residents and we also see it was a  a huge economic drivers for all outside visitors we're able to attract for conventions meetings and performances," said Gretchen Hall, CEO of Little Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau.

There is a 2 percent advertising and promotion tax already in place.

The ordinance will use the revenue to fund a nearly $70 million renovation.

If approved construction will begin in 2014.

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