Woman Comes To The Rescue For Accident Victim

A Conway woman rescues another woman from a burning car.
CONWAY, AR -- Tonight a Mayflower family is together thanks to the help of someone they're calling a guardian angel.

After a tragic accident -- last month -- one woman risked her own life to save another and it's a moment that will always bond the two ladies together.

Wendy Tapp epitomizes what Christmas is all about.

She said, "I mean for real, it's just the person I am. I love life and live everyday to the fullest."

She spent part of the weekend watching holiday movies -- with family -- in her Conway home.

A far contrast from what she was doing just a couple weeks earlier.

"I opened the passenger side door and I grabbed both sides of her shoulders," Tapp said as she explained how she helped rescue a 51-year old woman from her car.

Tapp drove up to a crash on Highway 365 in Maumelle, debris still scatters the road where Tapp found Penny Shaw trapped in her car.

Tapp said, "She told me she couldn't walk. So, I grabbed her up and put her arms around me and I got to my car and when I got to my car I could tell her left leg wasn't connected to her body at all."

Tapp says she drug Shaw about half a mile from the crash, just moments before the car went up in flames.

Help arrived and emergency crews rushed Shaw to the hospital with serious injuries, but she survived.

The reporter asked Tapp, "What kind of relationship do you think will grow out of this?"

She responded, "A very long time relationship, an everyday relationship."

Tapp and Shaw plan to meet soon.

But today, they took a moment to catch up on the phone anticipating what will likely be a very emotional reunion.

Over the phone, Shaw said, "Yeah, I'm really anxious to meet her, really, really anxious to meet her."

Tapp of course feels the same way.

There was another car involved in that accident.

The driver didn't survive, but Tapp says plenty of people came to his rescue too.

As for Shaw...she's home from the hospital still recovering from her injuries including a broken femur and broken ribs.

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