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The law offices of Taylor King & Associates, P.A. were founded on the principle of wanting to help real people with real problems. We want to be your source of information and consultation when you, or someone you love, is the victim of personal injury. The legal definition of a personal injury is an injury to your body, mind or emotions. Personal injury covers physical harm, such as broken bones, bruises, or any serious injury sustained in an accident. It also includes the emotional and psychological injury you experienced as a result of trauma sustained through a humiliating or life-threatening experience. ?Personal injury? cases are legal disputes that arise when one person suffers harm from an accident or injury and someone else may be at-fault/legally responsible or negligent for that harm. As a victim, you are entitled to seek damages encountered as a result of that negligence.

When to Seek Legal Help?
Be forewarned, insurance companies try to settle personal injury claims as quickly and as economically as possible. Paying claims cost the insurance companies money but becoming entangled in a legal case can cost them much more. If you believe you have a personal injury case DO NOT sign anything until you have spoken to an attorney. An experienced attorney will know how to deal with complex liability issues or complicated medical opinions. They will also be familiar with the tactics used by the insurance carrier and will be able to protect you.

Are there Time Limits for Bringing a Personal Injury Case?

Under a legal rule known as the ?statute of limitations,? any lawsuit arising from an accident or injury must be filed within a certain time limit or the injured person?s legal claim will be barred and his or her right to sue will be lost forever. Every state has enacted its own statute of limitations; Arkansas has set a 3 year time limit. (Ark. Stat. Sec. 16-114-203)

What are Damages?
Damages attempt to measure in financial terms the extent of harm a person has suffered because of another?s actions or negligence. Damages are distinguishable from costs, which are the expenses incurred as a result of bringing a lawsuit and which the court may order the losing party to pay. Damages also differ from the verdict, which is the final decision issued by a jury. The purpose of damages is to restore an injured party to the position the party was in before being harmed. As a result, damages are generally regarded as remedial rather than preventive or punitive. The law recognizes three major categories of damages: Compensatory Damages, which are intended to restore what a plaintiff has lost as a result of a defendant?s wrongful conduct; Nominal Damages, which consist of a small sum awarded to a plaintiff who has suffered no substantial loss or injury but has nevertheless experienced an invasion of rights; and Punitive Damages, which are awarded not to compensate a plaintiff for injury suffered but to penalize a defendant for particularly egregious, wrongful conduct.
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