NWS: Sunday's Storm Could Be Biggest Threat This Year

- NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Our local National Weather Service is preparing for what could be the worst severe weather we've seen this year.

Predicting the weather is no simple task.

John Robinson, with the NWS, says, "Their job is to get the warning in the right place at the right time."

Using weather balloons to collect data, meteorologists will predict where and when the storms will hit.

They're keeping information updated and accurate for weather, on Sunday, that could be quite significant.

Robinson said, "It certainly looks threatening for tomorrow. I know the forecasters on the day shift we're saying this is clearly our biggest threat this year and perhaps maybe even going back a year or two before that."

Extra meteorologists will be helping track the storm tomorrow.

Ham radio operators will also provide data from the more rural areas.

Robinson said, "That can set our tone for how we warn the rest of the day."

The folks over at the National Weather Service recommend a weather radio as well.

The alerts can wake you up if you're sleeping...and the radio stays on when the power goes off.

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