Very Cool and Wet July

July 2014 will go down in the record books as a very cool and wet month. The average temperature for the month of July in Little Rock this July was only 77.5 degrees, over 5 degrees below average. This makes this July tied for the 3rd coolest on record.

This is also the coolest July in over a century. The top 2 coolest Julys are from 1905 and 1891! On of the reasons for the unusually cool temperatures was numerous days with lots of clouds and rain around. This is July was the wettest since 2009 in Little Rock and there was more rain this month than the last FOUR Julys combined. The total rainfall for the month fell just short of landing in the top 10 wettest list for July though, short by only a couple of tenths of an inch. 

7.19 inches of rain was recorded in Little Rock as of Thursday afternoon, which over twice as much as the average. August starts off a lot like July ended, with lots of clouds and temperatures that don't feel much like the middle of Summer. 

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