75 School Districts Apply For Winter Weather Waivers

- LITTLE ROCK, AR - Schools across Arkansas have seen anywhere from a few days to 23 days missed in West Fork Public Schools due to winter weather this season.

The Arkansas Department of Education said Monday that 75 districts across the state have missed at least ten days of instruction this school year due to inclement weather.

ADE commissioner Tom Kimbrell it's one of the most challenging weather seasons he's seen.

"This year is a lot worse, we had more events stretched over larger section of the state," Kimbrell says.

Public schools can file for waivers for any days beyond the initial ten missed.

"Districts have a mandatory spring break built in, but they can work through that, plus five inclement weather days they can use to make up the first ten days," Kimbrell says.

The State Board of Education will consider each waiver request at a meeting on March 20th, Kimbrell says on "a case by case basis."

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