Focus on Roads and Power as Storm Moves Through


Published 03/02 2014 08:11PM

Updated 03/02 2014 08:14PM

Winter Weather
Winter Weather
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department first hit the roads around 2:00 Sunday afternoon.  Instead of the liquid calcium chloride they usually pretreat the roads with, all the rain forced trucks to dump straight salt as AHTD tries to keep down the freezing temperature of water on roads.
Overnight crews will mix in some of the calcium chloride with sand and salt treatments. The focus, as usual, will be on raised roads, bridges and over passes.

The city of Little Rock has crews working 12-hour shifts around the clock for the duration of the winter weather.

Meanwhile, Entergy Arkansas is getting ready for the potential of a large number of power outages as a result of the storm.

The company has called 2,600 workers including many from out of state.  Some of the response equipment is on standby in a big parking lot at the state fairgrounds.

"It's looking like they will be waiting for the storm to pass, and then we can begin the process of evaluating the damage and prioritizing the work," said Entergy Arkansas Spokesman David Lewis.

The power company says outages during this storm could rival what happened during an early February storm when nearly 50,000 lost power.

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