Snow? What Snow?

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Arkansans are either very relieved or very disappointed after chances for more snowfall fizzled out early today and they want to know why.

While meteorologists cautioned all day Monday that the storm system was changing by the hour and snowfall chances were dwindling (but still expected), many were holding out hope of more white stuff.

Meteorologist Greg Dee explains what happens this way:
It was a result of the two storm systems combining too late for Arkansas. Two upper-level storms were moving this way from the west. One was moving in from Colorado, the other from New Mexico. The two were originally thought to combine across Arkansas. As we got closer to today the snow amounts began to drop because it was looking like this merging of the storms would not happen until the storms got farther east of Arkansas, which is what happened this morning. Only southeast Arkansas saw light wintry weather this morning while Mississippi & Alabama got the brunt of it. 

The National Weather Service (NWS) said drier air was partly to blame. Because of that, most of the accumulating snow had shifted southeast overnight, the NWS said at 2 a.m. Tuesday.

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