Winter Storm Expected in Arkansas Sunday-Monday

LITTLE ROCK, AR - The National Weather Service (NWS) says a potentially significant winter event is expected to unfold in parts of the state on Sunday. 

A cold front will arrive from the north and will stall in southern Arkansas. The front will separate cold air to the north from much warmer conditions to the south. Temperatures could vary by 40 degrees across the state.

Moisture will be the most abundant near the front, with areas of heavy rain in the southeast half of the state. Meanwhile, subfreezing air will spill into the Ozark Mountains, with freezing rain/sleet in the forecast.

Ice accumulations are the most likely in the northern two to three rows of counties. Some buildup  (more than a quarter inch) of ice on trees and power lines will be possible. 

As of Friday morning, Winter Storm Watches were posted in the northern counties for the potential of significant ice.

Late on the 2nd/early on the 3rd, the front will push to the south and cold air will follow. Moisture will also be on the decline. Precipitation could end as a period of light snow in the north (one to two inch accumulations possible), with a wintry mix (mainly ice) into central sections of the state.

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