SHERIDAN, Ark. – A local store owner is asking for the public’s help after someone stole some pricey items off the shelf overnight on Wednesday. It happened in Sheridan off Highway 167. 

The store did have an alarm system but that didn’t help. The alarm system is programmed to call 911 once the alarm goes off and after calling four times, no one at dispatch answered.  

“We’re a little country store, we don’t deal with people like that and I absolutely feel violated,” store owner Jason Wilder said.  

Wilder is still in shock.  

“Loaded up my four-wheeler, which was 2004, 700 automatic four-wheeler and a bunch of trailer tires,” Wilder said.  

After more than $14,000 worth of stuff was stolen from his Antique shop around 2:30 Wednesday morning, when someone broke into the store. Wilder showed the tracks coming through his property to drive the stolen stuff out of the store.  

“The call center is, they definitely a contributing factor to my loss,” Wilder said.  

Wilder said his alarm system called 911 four times while the thieves were inside but all of them were unanswered.  

The Grant County Dispatch office released a statement to FOX 16:  

‘The policy is to answer within four rings. No one answered those calls. It was dealt with. The operator has been released from duties.” 

“These thief’s have four hours of free running and I’ve got over a million dollars in inventory,” Wilder said.  

His store, Cowtown has been up and running for 5 years and the thought of his blood, sweat and tears being stolen has never crossed his mind.  

“I work very hard for the little bit of money that I make and that’s a pretty hard hit,” Wilder said. 

There are surveillance videos but the only camera that caught the act, the video was too grainy to see. Wilder said he just wants to know why someone would do this.  

“If somebody wants something to me, come ask me for it. I’m not going to give you all my inventory, but I might give you a job.” 

Wilder says the thieves hit the store twice that morning. If you have any information leading to an arrest, you’re asked to contact Grant County Sheriff’s Office. Wilder is also offering a $2,500 award for information. He also said he is stepping up his security measures.