(Baptist Health) – Biking is a great way to exercise, explore and enjoy the outdoors. Use these tips to set your bike up for a safer ride.

Tips to equip yourself for safer cycling

Did you know? You are more likely to be injured on a bike than in a car.

Ride safe. Biking is a healthy, eco-friendly way to get around, but you need to prepare for its hazards.

Helmet: Protect your head and brain with a properly fitting bicycle helmet. Find your fit.

Seat: A seat is at the right level if your knee is just slightly bent when you push the pedal to its lowest position.

Tires: Make sure they’re properly inflated.

Brakes: Check that your brakes are working before every ride.

Handlebars: Ride with both hands on the handlebars.

Lights: If you must ride at night, white front lights and red rear reflectors or lights are required by law.

Clothing: Neon, fluorescent or other brightly colored clothes can help make you visible. Reflective tape can help at night.

Open Ears: Don’t block your ears with headphones. Focus on the traffic sounds around you.

Road rules. When you’re all set up and ready to bike, make sure to follow these basic rules of the road:

  • Stop and look left, right and left again before pulling out into a street.
  • Communicate with drivers—use hand signals and make eye contact.
  • Follow the same rules as motorists. That includes stopping at red lights and stop signs.
  • Bike with the flow of traffic, never against it.

Sources: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; National Highway Traffic Safety Administration