Living Well: Man injured in car accident rows his way to recovery

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.– A man who was injured in a car accident credits the number of treatments that helped get him back on the water to do what he loves.

“You see those white egrets flying around and you’ve got the sunrise,” says Glen Harrison.

Glen Harrison paints the perfect picture of what it’s like to row on the Arkansas River.

“Rowing and exercise is just a major part of my life to keep healthy,” he says.

It’s a physical and spiritual experience for Glen who rows five days a week. However, all that went away in July when he injured his neck in a car accident. Forced to put the oars aside, Glen grabbed onto some handle bars on the exercise machine at Baptist Health Therapy Bowman in Little Rock.

“Working on the muscle flexibility and then we did the exercises and strengthening,” says Cheri Hayes, Physical Therapist.

Cheri Hayes is a Physical Therapist who’s been working with Glen in hour long treatments. She explains what patients do at home is key to reaching their goal.

“He was a great patient because he followed the home program and the exercises we did here just very specifically,” she says.

Rowing requires a lot of head movement and to see what’s behind you. So the physical therapy Glen worked on gave him the mobility he needed to get back on the water again. Within a month, Glen was back in the boat, not only practicing, but also competing in boat regattas.

“I went from just totally stiff and moderate pain to being able to move my neck, you know around like this,” says Glen.

With therapy and determination, Glen has been working towards the moment to sit ready and row. For more information on Baptist Health’s Physical Therapy program, click here

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