LITTLE ROCK, Ark.– Nearly two months since being in the hospital, 79-year-old Bobby Hagar was in good spirits during a Zoom call from his Batesville home. He recalled the moments that led up to surgery. 

“I couldn’t eat, and the food would just hang up half way down and it wasn’t going all the way to my stomach,” says Bobby Hagar. 

It became more serious when he started losing a lot of weight. He lost about 30 pounds in the course of two months. Hagar went to Baptist Health to get it checked out. 

“I’m surprised they were able to perform a procedure like that and instead of spending 10 days or a week in the hospital, it was just an overnight observation,” he says. 

Hagar underwent a procedure at Baptist Health to correct the problem, and was able to go home the next day. A new device allowed him to do so—the ERBEJET 2. 

“It’s one of the greatest technologies that they’ve ever come up with,” says Hagar. 

Doctor Sven Hida, an Advanced Interventional Gastroenterologist, says there’s a need for this kind of surgical procedure. It essentially cuts the operation time in half. 

“It allows microscopic surgery to be performed very delicately and very precisely,” says Dr. Hida. 

The ERBEJET 2 combines electrosurgery and hydrosurgery in one unit. While it’s primarily used for endoscopic procedures, Dr. Hida says it allows doctors to do a variety of other surgeries safely and efficiently. 

“We have removed tumors with the device, we are able to dissect away abnormal tissues with it very precisely, so it does have quite a bit a spectrum of use,” explains Dr. Hida. 

Hagar was amazed by the results. After surgery, he went on a soft diet for a few weeks. 

“I’m gradually starting to gain my weight back. I have my energy back and I can eat anything I want to,” says Hagar. 

Getting better and stronger each day, Hagar is happy to feel 100 percent again. To learn more about ERBEJET 2 and to speak with a doctor to see if this is something you can benefit from, visit