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Ford on Wednesday announced a sweeping recall of its heavy-duty trucks and Lincoln Continental sedans for a rearview camera that fails to meet safety regulations.

While many automakers have had to update rearview camera systems recently for various software issues, the latest Ford recall involves a hardware issue. An internal lens on the rearview camera can fog up due to a coating that degenerates from the sun’s rays. A foggy or cloudy image projection will only get worse, resulting in an opaque camera view.

The issue affects 277,040 vehicles equipped with a surround-view camera system. The bulk of the recall affects the 2017-2020 Ford Super Duty Series (F-250, F-350, and F-450). The 2017-2020 Lincoln Continental full-size sedan is also affected, and the recall encompasses about 13,000 Lincolns.

Ford acknowledged 7,625 warranty reports related to the issue on Super Duty trucks, and 1,236 reports on the Lincoln Continental. That camera system was replaced in 2020, which is why more recent Super Duty trucks aren’t affected. The Continental was discontinued.

2019 Lincoln Continental2019 Lincoln Continental

Ford has led the automotive industry with recalls this year, issuing 50 recalls affecting 7.2 million vehicles, Automotive News reports. This is the second extensive recall of the Ford Super Duty this year. In February, Ford recalled the 2017-2022 Super Duty for a potential fractured driveshaft. It encompassed nearly 250,000 trucks equipped with gas engines.

Owners can expect notification by mail as early as Sept. 12, and they’ll be instructed to bring the vehicle in for a new rearview camera free of charge. Reimbursement will be provided to owners who have already had the work done. For more info, owners can contact Ford customer service at 1-866-436-7332 or visit Ford’s recall site.

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