LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – For those who work and still have the desire to go to college and earn their degree, UA Little Rock has teamed up with multiple companies to make that happen.

The partnership will provide a 10-percent discount on tuition and fees and a $25-per-credit-hour book scholarship for employees who enroll in undergraduate classes or certificate programs. 

“We’re just quite excited about the opportunity to help people drive their career through education,” UA Little Rock’s corporate partnership coordinator Matthew Bellew said.

Bellew said UA Little Rock has partnered with business and industry leaders in Arkansas such as Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield, CHI St. Vincent, Saline Memorial Hospital, and Amazon. 

Launched in September 2022, UA Little Rock has 12 partners in total.

“This is an opportunity to really reach out to a more diverse population and meet people where they are and try to develop a solution that meets their needs,” Bellew said.

Arkansas Surgical Hospital is also a partner with UA Little Rock.

Rebecca Jones with the Arkansas Surgical Hospital says they are always looking for ways to retain their staff and this is a way to help them do so. 

“If we can support their growth and have opportunities to enhance that growth, we’re all for that,” Jones said. 

If you are a business and want to become a partner with UA Little Rock, you can contact Matthew Bellew