LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – There are many sites on a college campus that are needed to make campus life great. One of them is the fitness center.

Inside the Donaghey Student Center at UA Little Rock is where the Trojan family can shoot some hoops, pump some iron or take a swim.

Fitness manager Karl Lenser said he is excited about the new changes to the place.

“It’s a benefit for everybody,” he said.

The fitness center has all new flooring, new weight equipment and new air handlers in the aquatic center. 

Lenser said the old floor had water underneath it and it just wasn’t the safest.

“This floor is stickier,” Lenser said.  “So, it’s not so slippery. It’s safer.” 

The new air handlers in the aquatic center helps with making a dip in the pool a bit more refreshing.

Lenser said they “improve the airflow and lower the humidity,” making it more comfortable to be in the pool.

He said the Trojans gave two thumbs up to the new look.

“‘Wow this is awesome.’ ‘This is super.’ ‘This looks like a real gym now.’ Those were some of the comments I remember the students saying,” Lenser said.