LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The accomplishment of earning a college degree is one that can produce many bumps and challenges, especially financially. 

That is why UA Little Rock has partnered with several businesses to assist with that to provide scholarships to students.

No matter if it covers just one book or full tuition, all scholarships are beneficial. 

Kindle Holderby,  UA Little Rock’s Assistant Vice Chancellor of enrolment management says the partnerships they have with Saline Memorial, CHI St. Vincent and also Amazon create scholarship opportunities. 

Latasha Stanback works as a packer at Amazon and is one of the Trojan students to receive a scholarship. 

“I’ve worked there going on a year almost and after you work there for 6 months you can apply for it,” said Stanback as she describes her process.

 Stanback says she will graduate in May, adding that if it wasn’t for her scholarship, she wouldn’t have the opportunity to graduate with her first degree. 

The partnerships are to improve students’ lives and the Director of the School of Nursing, Sloan Davidson, says she is ecstatic students have this opportunity.

“Hopefully students come out of the whole thing without a lot of debt. That’s really what we’re hoping the students can do.”

For CHI St. Vincent not only are scholarships available but jobs will be guaranteed after graduation.

This is for all employees, whether they’re going into nursing or any other field. 

UA Little Rock just hired a coordinator to create additional partnerships with more industries to form more opportunities for students.