CASH FOR KINDNESS: Mother gives children forever home, changes trajectory of their lives

Cash For Kindness

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Who couldn’t use a thousand dollars at Christmas time?

Our Cash for Kindness and The Arkansas Diagnostic Center hit the road again in search of someone doing a good dead, and we found her.

She’s changed the lives of foster children, giving them a forever home.

It takes several hands to show off all the pictures of Monica Newman’s seven children.

Five of whom she adopted out of foster care.

The first child adopted, Yasmin, in 2007.

“She adopted me when I was 9 years old. I was at an age where I thought that I would never be adopted, and she cam in and adopted me and took me into her home and I’ve never felt like I was not her daughter,” said Yasmin.

The most recent adoptions consists of four siblings who Monica couldn’t bare to see separated.

Because this military veteran cares so much, and has literally put the lives of foster children before her own.

Dr. McGee and the Arkansas Diagnostic Center surprise her.

They presented her with one thousand dollars in cash because it pays to be kind.

Dr. McGee said that Monica was chosen because giving children a forever home changes the trajectory of their lives.

“It needs to be more people, not exactly like me, with that heart for kids because we have so many in foster care that need to be adopted,” said Monica.

Monica was nominated by her daughter Yasmin.

Look for ‘Cash for Kindness’ to nominate someone you think is worthy.

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