Cash for Kindness: September 2019

Cash For Kindness

Patsie Bridges honored for giving back to the community.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – It’s not every day that someone gets a pat on the back or recognition for doing something nice for someone.

But one local doctor’s office is proving that nice things are happening in the community — and they believe people should be awarded for it — in big way.

It’s called Cash for Kindness.

“And hello, says Dr. Brian McGee upon meeting Patsie Bridges.

“Hi, nice to meet you,” she responds.

“Are you Miss Patsie?,” he asks. “Yes I am,” she answers. “A real surprise.”

“I came here specifically to see you,” he tells her.

Patsie Bridges has a soft heart for people in need.

“We all look up to her and love her and anything she asks for we scramble to do because her heart is so pure,” explains Jennifer Miller.

Patsie volunteers for an organization called Family Promise, through her church, helping homeless families stay together and get back on their feet.

“We work in partnership with different congregations throughout the community, and those congregations serve as sheltering sites,” adds Cynthia Ramey, Executive Director-Family Promise of Pulaski County.

So, on this day, friends, family and church members came here to see this.

“All of us at Arkansas Diagnostic Center believes that it pays to be kind. So, because of you we want to present you with a gift. $1,000 cash because we believe that it pays to be kind,” continues Dr. McGee.

“What is this – oh my goodness!,” Patsie says.

There are so many examples of positive things that are going on in our own community. We just wanted to highlight that,” Dr. McGee says.

And in true fashion, Patsie gave the money to Family Promise.

“Because we need to do so much more. The community needs to do so much more. Thank you,” she says.

Arkansas Diagnostic Center has partnered with Fox 16 to bring you ‘Cash for Kindness’, inspiring generosity and compassion.

Each month we will surprise someone with one thousand dollars in cash!

You can nominate someone you think is deserving.

Just go to and search — Cash for Kindness (click here).

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