Cash for Kindness: Woman get’s $1,000 for bringing joy to animal lovers

Cash For Kindness

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Each month some giving person get’s $1,000, no strings attached.

It’s called Cash for Kindness, and tonight the lucky winner is bringing happiness to animals and animal lovers.

It’s crystal clear Casey Carter loves animals, including a rescue dog name Sampson.

“Every since I was little I would want to bring home turtles, and we rescued a baby squirrel and raised it,” said Casey.

Casey created Rock City Rescue, giving many abused and stray animals a foster home until they can be adopted.

“We have rescued over 1,000 animals,” said Casey.

Her efforts are making a big impact.

“We first started rescuing dogs, then we moved to dogs, cats, birds, bunnies, and reptiles,” said Casey.

Alison Whitten calls Casey “amazing”.

“She keeps track of all of the animals and their vetting when they need to go to the vet, what needs to happen, she knows where all those appointments are and it amazes me, she works 40 hours a week and also does this on the side,” said Whitten.

Because of her good deeds Dr. Brian McGee and Arkansas Diagnostic Center has chosen to give her $1,000.

Dr. McGee said it’s all about inspiring kindness!

“This story fits in line with that, so anyone who wants to be you can look at any of these Cash for Kindness winners, especially Casey, and get involved or even start something yourself,” said Dr. McGee.

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