LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The City of Little Rock broke ground Wednesday at the planned site of a future Micro Home Village.

Gerald Howell lives in Little Rock and saw the area where the village will be. He said he got excited, hoping to use one of the future micro homes as he is currently sleeping at the Compassion Center.

“It’s hard to find a house in Little Rock, they’re very expensive,” Howell said.

He said he is in a transition period, which is what the Micro Home Village is aiming to help with.

Mayor Frank Scott Jr. was at the groundbreaking and said helping the homeless find homes in Little Rock was a need for the city.

With $3 million from the American Rescue Act, money from Housing and Urban Development, and the city, they’re hoping to reach a functional zero.

Officials said the Micro Home Village will have 80 separate housing units and 20 emergency beds.

Mike Sparks said he is also looking forward to the possibility of living in a micro home.

“No more sleeping in the woods. I just want a house, an apartment,” Sparks said.

He said he’s ready for a change, and just wants some help finding a permanent home. 

“I’m doing much better already and all I want to do is get better and better and better,” Sparks said.

Both Howell and Sparks said they’re just wanting to have a place to live, hoping the Micro Home Village can provide that.