LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Each year, Nexstar marks its birthday ‘Founders Day of Caring’ sending out crews from each of the company’s stations to help non-profits who do so much to keep their cities up and running.

Friday morning, crews from FOX16 volunteered at the Little Rock Animal Village, Dunbar Community Garden and helped lead a 6th street clean-up.

At the Little Rock Animal Village, crews played with animals and took some of the many dogs out on walks.

LRAV, like many shelters in Central Arkansas, is experiencing overcrowding.

Betsy Robb with the Friends of the Animal Village says there are more animals coming in than going out.

Robb says every kennel is full and, in some cases, there are two dogs in one kennel.

Robb says LRAV needs adoptions, but they are also in need of fosters. Robb says fostering is important for animals because it helps acclimate them to home life.

“It really helps make the animal more adoptable,” said Robb. “You learn so much about them when they’re in a foster home and spending time in a real home setting as opposed to a shelter environment which is a very strange environment and not at all like a home.”

Robb says she believes fostering will be the key to getting more animals adopted out.

For more information on adoption and fostering, visit the Little Rock Animal Village’s website.

FOX 16 crews also spent time volunteering at the Dunbar Community Garden Friday morning.

Volunteers planted seeds and cleaned up weeds and different community spaces in the garden.

The Dunbar garden was first built in the early 90s as part of a program to help get young people off the streets, introducing them to a more constructive hobby.

Today the garden spans 2 acres. Program leaders partner with local elementary schools, offering classes to each grade a month ut of the school year.

“They’ll come out, they’ll be taught something based on their science curriculum, we will give them hands-on education with it,” said Dunbar Community Garden Program Coordinator Chris Wyman.