Hot Springs Deputy Replaces Child's Stolen Bike

HOT SPRINGS, Ark. - Good deeds don't go unnoticed. After a mother reported her daughter's bike was stolen, an officer went above and beyond to see that the girl had a bike. 

Earlier in the week, Deputy Justin Butcher, a Fountain Lake School Resource Officer, took a report from Carrie Carr about her daughter Dylanne’s bike being stolen.  

Deputy Butcher not only took the report, but took it upon himself to do something about it for Dylanne.  

With the help of representatives from the Hot Springs Village Walmart, Dominique Martineau and Grant Freeman, Deputy Butcher was able to get a bike to replace the one that had been stolen along with a helmet.

When Deputy Butcher arrived to deliver the bike to Dylanne and her Mom Carrie they were very grateful for his act of kindness.  Dylanne told her Mom, “I can’t believe he cared about me and my bike when he’s so busy keeping everyone else safe from the bad guys”. 

Dylanne’s Mom went on to thank Deputy Butcher for showing her daughter that she is worth caring about and that police are real people too. Carrie said, “I think kids sometimes think authority figures are just there to boss people around. She and her sister will never forget the good side of what you guys do. I know I won’t.”

Sheriff Mike McCormick stated, “Deputy Butcher exemplifies the kind of care and compassion for our community that our deputies have for the people of our community, he is a credit to the badge he wears.”

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