HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – A simple act of kindness is going a long way with multiple college students taking a trip to Hot Springs on Tuesday to assist the homeless community with free haircuts.

Travena Jefferson is the Chief Executive Officer of Northern Technical College located in Hot Springs, North Little Rock and Pine Bluff. She said they started to give free haircuts in 2016 but stopped because of COVID-19, however now they’re traveling to several homeless help centers and shelters across central Arkansas to offer the free service again.

“We got to pick back up those old school values of caring for one another and eventually it will stop so much violence and negativity going around,” Jefferson said.

On Tuesday, Jefferson said she and at least 12 students went to Jackson House and set up shop for people to get a free haircut.

Quran Johnson has been a student at the college for three years and said he learned how to be a barber from his father and loves offering his help to those in need.

“I understand, I know what it is like to need a haircut and stuff to try to boost your energy, so I have been there,” Johnson said. “I just like to see the changes on people’s faces.”

Johnson worked on Margaret Harris’ hair. She said she is thankful for the kind gesture as she has been homeless for over a year.

“It’s a blessing in their hearts that they want to do this,” Harris added. “I’m grateful they take their time out to come out here and give people a haircut that can’t afford it and I just think that’s a wonderful thing they’re doing.”

Harris says although people are homeless that doesn’t mean they have or want to look homeless, and believes looking presentable can lead to future opportunities.

“I’m not a bad looking person anyway but I’m just saying with this nice haircut and I can get something from the Jackson House nice and I can go job hunting,” Harris said.

Overall, Harris said she loves her haircut and is grateful.

“I think it’s wonderful that younger people want to take the time out and do something for the less fortunate,” Harris said.

Jefferson says they plan to continue hoping those in need around the community, by getting out at least once a month to offer free haircuts.