Living Well: Heart Patient Credits Radio Message with Saving Life

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NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A woman whose husband heard about a heart health screening in a radio announcement and immediately signed them up is giving that credit for saving her life.

Keith and Julie Stokes are the owners of Tusk, the Razorback mascot.

“You know you get up and get through your day and you get up and at 5 o’clock you, I was just pretty much dead,” she explains.

Despite their busy schedule on the farm and with Razorback game days, they made time to get that heart screening at Baptist Health.

Doctors found an artery in Julie’s heart that was 100 percent blocked and a second one that was 90 percent blocked.

“I would’ve never done it, if he hadn’t heard it on the radio and then decided that we needed to do it.”

So the screening saved your life? asks KARK’s Susanne Brunner. “Yes. Absolutely,” she responds.

“I personally didn’t take it quite as seriously as my family did, because I didn’t have time. I don’t have time to have something wrong with me,” Julie continues.

She had experienced symptoms but thought her fatigue and shortness of breath were due to age and extra weight.

“When she would exert herself, when she walked or carried something or climbed hills or did something strenuous, she would start to develop symptoms. They were symptoms of discomfort in her chest,” says 
Dr. Thomas Conley, Interventional Cardiologist. “Their first indication they have it may be a fatal heart attack. Fortunately for her, that’s not the case.”

Doctors put a stent in both arteries to open the blockage.

“I just really do feel like a different person,” she says now.

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