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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Patients who need long-term care are seeing major benefits after signing up for Home Health Care. 

It’s helped a young man not only physically but emotionally move forward. 

For the last two months, every 72 hours and two to three hours each visit, a Home Health nurse helps Michael Hennessey with his wounds. 

“I still couldn’t do normal things, especially without having one arm, you really feel helpless,” says Hennessey. 

Michael was a skateboarding accident. He fell over and tore his ACL and cracked his fibula.

Michael says the surgery went well, but five days after, his leg got infected with MRSA. 

“I had to mentally fight and say that I’m not going to let this thing take my leg,” he says. 

The type of care performed in the hospital extends to the comfort of Michael’s home. 

Baptist Health RN Case Manager, Ashley Rich, stepped in to treat his wounds. 

“He was on IV antibiotics three times a day,” says Rich. “We were doing weekly labs to monitor the infection.”

They work on physical and occupational therapy two to three times a week to help Michael get stronger. 

What they’re doing, and the results they’re seeing is working. 

“He’s resilient and had the willpower to stay strong and get through it,” Rich says. 

Patients who get care at home say this type of service makes all the difference when they are recovering. 

“They get to know you, and what you’re going through and how to help you around that, and I just think that’s a whole different experience,” says Hennessey. 

That’s what makes this a stand-out program. 

A personal take on health care that’s improving lives. 

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