Living Well: Detecting Osteoporosis

LITTLE ROCK, AR – Linda Zust never felt like she had symptoms, but Dr. Richard Wyatt, OBGYN with Arkansas Women’s Center at Baptist Hospital in Little Rock just suggested she have a bone density test done.

“Because I’m a thin white female, or he said a skinny white female, so he said my risk factors were higher,” says Linda.

Her test would show, “I think there is three readings and one of them was barely osteoporosis, and two of them were considered osteopornia,” says Linda.

Dr. Wyatt says this is a huge problem for women as they age.

“It’s interesting that probably 50 or more percent of people will have osteoporosis as they age, they will actually have an osteoporosis fracture broken bone,” Dr. Wyatt says.

He says it’s much more likely in women. So what can you do?

“Everyone tells you don’t smoke, well smoking is bad for bones, don’t drink a lot,” Dr. Wyatt says.

Get exercise and do as your mom taught you and drink your milk.

“None of us get enough calcium in our diet, I don’t. A glass of milk has 300 mg of calcium, most of us need 1,200 mg or more a day,” Dr. Wyatt says.

Linda says she is doing all of this now and recommends paying attention to your health.

The bone density test uses x-rays to measure how many grams of calcium and other bone minerals are packed into a segment of bone.

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