LR Animal Group Celebrates 5K Rescues


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A massive milestone about to be hit by a donation-funded dog rescue group. 

Meet Cranberry, a spunky beagle puppy that looks like she is straight from a pet store. 

But this ball of fur was scooped from a shelter by rescue road. 

“We fully vet them vaccinations….heartworm treatment…spay and neuter,” says volunteer Alex Graham. 

Alex says this little girl represents a huge milestone for the central Arkansas based rescue group Rescue Road. 

“It’s crazy that it’s taken six years to do five thousand. It’s pretty awesome I think,” says Alex.

For six years now the volunteers have loaded up vans weekly with more than a dozen pups that travel roughly 1,200 miles from Little Rock to Boston Massachusetts. 

“When they have adoption events people are lined up are lined up out the door deep to adopt our dogs,” says Barbara Page.

This time next week, Cranberry’s transfer will mark 5,000 dogs saved. 

“I mean that’s huge when you think about that. That’s just a huge number of dogs that would have been euthanized in shelters,” says Page.

Board member Barbra Page says they selected Boston based on a number of factors, such as the state’s spay and neuter requirement as well as their leash laws. 

Both Barbra and Alex hope this time next year they will be celebrating 6,000.

“The demand is there…we have the supply they have the demand.”

The group is having a party to celebrate the huge milestone on Feb. 2 at Core Brewery in SOMA. All are welcome to attend.

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