NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – An investigation is underway for authorities in North Little Rock after a shooting Friday night that left two teenagers dead.

“It’s just so heart-wrenching,” Co-chair of the North Little Rock CARES Youth Coalition, Darrell Montgomery said.

According to North Little Rock Police, eight victims of a homicide this year have been juveniles.

“They seem to get younger, and that’s just not acceptable. We certainly, those victims of the crime last night, our hearts go out to the families, and you know it’s just so heart-wrenching to see,” Montgomery said.

Darrell Montgomery works with teenagers at the Youth Coalition in North Little Rock.

“We are trying to show them an alternative resolution other than settling their disputes with guns and violence,” Montgomery stated.

He said people have become number to the news of another person killed in the city.

“At some point you hear it and it’s like oh, it’s just another homicide, but we are talking about families, we are talking about individuals that are certainly grieving, and the loss of a loved one is so devastating,” Montgomery said.

Montgomery said we need to all come together as a community.

“Crime doesn’t respect any city boundaries,” Montgomery stated.

As well as investing in the youth.

“No amount of money is too much to invest in the future of our kids and to the future of our society, to try to change their lives,” Montgomery concluded.

The investigation is still ongoing and anyone with information about the incident are encouraged to contact police immediately.