CROSS COUNTY, Ark. (WREG) — A correctional officer at a federal prison in Forrest City, Arkansas, is charged with eight counts of rape.

According to Cross County Sheriff David West, Christopher Alsup of Wynne was arrested Monday night at the Federal Correctional Complex Forrest City Medium Prison where he is employed.

Sheriff West gave very few details about the charges against Alsup but said the crimes allegedly involve an underage female and occurred this year.

The 35-year-old is sitting in the Cross County jail awaiting his arraignment.

We went by the Cross County address given for Alsup to see if anyone would comment but the only reaction came from a dog clearly not eager to allow us closer to the house.

According to Sheriff West, investigators with a search warrant did remove evidence from Alsup’s home but he would not elaborate on what investigators found.

In Forrest City, Kim McLaurin found the accusations very concerning especially when they involve a man who works in the federal prison system.

“Eight counts, he got eight counts. Man, that’s sick,” said McLaurin. “I used to go over there and see my nephew over in the federal penitentiary, and I used to see him all the time but I didn’t figure nothing like that going on with him or nothing like that, but it’s wrong.”

Sheriff West said the investigation is ongoing and more charges could be coming. Alsup is scheduled to appear Wednesday morning for a bond hearing in Wynne District Court.