LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A three-month operation has led to significant drug seizures and arrests across Arkansas.

Officials with the Arkansas Department of Human Services said Thursday that more than $55 million in drugs were seized, culminating with Operation Task Force Arkansas. Officials said all 18 drug task forces in the state coordinated beginning in November, with the operation ending with a three-day warrant sweep in late January.

Task force officers coordinating with other law enforcement agencies made 1,274 arrests and seized 372 firearms during the operation. Officers said they seized 11,068 grams of fentanyl, 260,728 grams of meth and 6,932 grams of cocaine.

Other drugs, including marijuana and LSD, brought the total to 2,262,090 grams and 39,324 pills. A spokesperson said the estimated value of drugs seized was $55,387,093.

Officers said they seized 500 counterfeit pills, which officials said were mostly fentanyl.

Arkansas Drug Director Boyce Hamlet said the three-month operation marked a new level of enforcement.

“This is a new day in Arkansas,” Hamlet said. “We are grateful to our drug task force agents and commanders for their cooperation and leadership. If you are a person that deals fentanyl and opioids in our communities, to our families and around our children you need to understand the old way of doing business is over.”

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