MIAMI – A Little Rock woman was a victim of human trafficking and forced into prostitution after being groomed to leave home and move to Miami, according to law enforcement officials.

Authorities arrested 29-year-old Kyron Lajon Richardson in Miami Thursday and said he is facing four felony charges for his involvement in human trafficking after the 21-year-old Little Rock woman was allegedly forced into prostitution there.

Richardson is facing two counts of human trafficking, a single count of unlawful use of communication and a count of deriving support from proceeds of prostitution, according to a joint announcement from Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle and Miami police chief Manuel A. Morales.

Officials said the Little Rock woman, whose name was not given, was reportedly recruited to move from Little Rock to Miami via a series of social media messages by Richardson.

Investigators claimed Richardson told the woman she was too beautiful to be in Little Rock and should be in Miami with him, culminating with Richardson offering the woman a chance to join his lifestyle and sending her a one-way plane ticket to Miami.

When the woman arrived in Miami, officials said that she met three other women who shared a home with Richardson. Officials said that during her time in the home, the woman saw Richardson become physically violent toward the three.

The attacks and the rifle Richardson owned made the woman fear for her life, she reportedly told police. Officials said that out of fear she felt compelled to earn money through prostitution and exotic dancing, which Richardson collected.

On Thanksgiving, officials said that the woman was able to text her father that she was in trouble and sent him Richardson’s address. Officials said the father called the Miami police after receiving the text.

On Nov. 29, Miami police and the state attorney’s Human Trafficking Task Force arrested Richardson. According to the joint statement, during the arrest officers found $18,000 in cash on Richardson and a rifle and a handgun while searching his home.

Records show Richardson is currently held in the Miami-Dade detention center. A court appearance has not yet been scheduled and a bond has not been set.