LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A person is in the hospital tonight after Little Rock Police say a car drove into his bedroom and took off. It happened on the 7000 block of East Wakefield Drive.

People in the neighborhood are still trying to come to terms with something so startling. Monday, a gaping hole in a Little Rock home is being patched up moments after someone inside was taken to the hospital to be patched up too.

“When I came out I just saw the paramedics out here and the fire department and the police are out here,” described Carl Walker who lives nearby.

Walker heard the crunching noise and ran over to see what happened. Little Rock Police say a red sedan hit the home injuring a person inside, but whoever drove that car did not stick around to answer for the damage.

Walker said, “I never would expect that somebody would run into somebody’s home and then not be there to give someone the evidence as to what happened.”

Police say the described hit and run has no explanation yet.

“I do be scared because I feel like somebody is going to get hurt for not being cautious,” Walker stressed.

Authorities say the person in the hospital has non-life-threatening injuries. Walker is hopeful while his neighbor is patched up, whoever is responsible comes to justice.

“I just pray that they give it to God and let God fight their battles,” Walker concluded.

If you know anything about this hit and run or possibly have surveillance from this street around 3:00 P.M. Monday afternoon you are encouraged to contact Little Rock Police.